Sunday 25 September 2022
Buy Tickets for Meshuggah at the KEMBA Live! Pavilion


On Sunday September 25th, 2022, Meshuggah will be performing at the KEMBA Live! In addition to being one of the most popular and influential heavy metal bands of all time, Meshuggah is also known for their intense and punishing live performances. Fans can expect a night of pure metal mayhem when they come to see Meshuggah live.

Meshuggah formed in 1987 in Sweden, and quickly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the metal world. They released their debut album, Contradictions Collapse, in 1992, and followed it up with the even more acclaimed Nothing the following year. Since then, Meshuggah has released eight studio albums, all of which have been met with critical acclaim. They are widely considered to be one of the most important and influential heavy metal bands of all time, and have influenced countless other metal bands.

Meshuggah is known for their unique and innovative approach to heavy metal, which combines elements of thrash metal, death metal, and industrial metal. Their music is incredibly complex and technical, and is often described as “math metal” due to its intricate rhythms and time signature changes. Meshuggah is also known for their use of extended range instruments, which allow them

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